Frequently Asked Questions

S Type (Sankey) keg coupler/connector

Peroni, Amstel, Carlsberg Export, Tetleys, Strongbow, Kronenbourg, John Smiths, Carlsberg, Heineken, Fosters, San Miguel, Beamish, Courage, Marstons, McEwans, Murphy's, Woodpecker

A type keg coupler/connector

Guinness , Hoeggarden, Staropramen

G Type keg coupler/connector

Budweiser, Thatchers Gold, Becks Vier, Bass, Blackthorn, Caffreys, Carling, Fullers, Worthington Creamflow, Grolsch, Tennents, Old Speckled Hen, Youngs

U Type keg coupler/connector

Stella Artois, Petermans Artois, Harp, Boddingtons
No. If you hire our mobile bar, it comes without a beer dispensing system unless you hire that too.
Yes. The LED mobile bar will require a normal socket. Very low electricity consumption
No. You will have to hire a fridge at an extra cost.
Not necessarily. However, the taps have to be attached to some kind of table or worktop with the clamp on system.


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