Draft Beer Dispense Equipment Hire

Keg Hire has become a must have addition to every party and event. The convenience of having a tap that serves ice cold beer is like having a bar come to you. Very simple and fast instalation by our technicians will make it even easier for you to organise your event.

Buy kegs of beer from us. Hire our stylish Beer Dispense Systems. It is easier than ever before. Our prices are very low, if not the lowest, on certain products and services.

YOU: Choose any keg/kegs of lager, beer or cider, hire our stylish Beer Dispense System, let us know date and time of the event and pay the deposit to secure the date.

WE: Deliver the beer and the beer system on the agreed date and time, install in 10 minutes at a venue, home, office or garden; collect on a following day or as agreed on delivery.

Beer bar hire
Beer system consists of: beer cooler, beer tap, gas, fixtures and fittings. It is installed in 10 minutes and can be clamped on any table, bar or worktop.

Single line beer system - £89
Double line beer system - £129
We offer very good prices when hired more lines.
For beer keg prices please press here.

Please check our gallery for more pictures of our beer systems and other draft equipment.

Beer keg Pump Hire
Party Pump Hire - looks like shown in a picture on the left - Bucket (to put keg in) plus Hand Pump £79

The simpliest way to get lager or cider out of the keg. We deliver a bucket and a Hand Pump. All you need is a keg either buy from us or have your own and to cover the keg fully with ice. In four hours time it is ready to be served. No electricity needed. Most poplular for student parties, house parties, hen/stag parties, taking a keg to the beach or as far as your imagination takes it. Press HERE to watch a video on how to use it.


Real Ale System Hire - looks like in the picture on the left.Real ale beer system

Auto Tilt - Beer Cooler - Cooling Jacket - Tap - Drip Tray

If you wish to buy draft beer dispensing equipment, home bar or we can set up your own equipment, please contact Vibars now!


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