Drinks Menus

Drinks menu

VIBars drinks menus are always different. We make tailored menus for every client depending on the nature of the event and the requirements of our clients. However, we have put some menus together as guidance, so you could see how a menu from us could look like.


VIBars MENU: Beers, Wines & Mixers

3 kegs = 264 pints
2 Kegs of Amstel - 88 pints in a 50L keg
Keg of Guinness - 88 pints in a 50L keg

16 bottles of spirits can make 272 mixers
Gordon's Gin x 4 bottles 700ml
Jack Daniels x 4 bottles 700ml
Bacardi Rum x 4 bottles 700ml
Absolut Vodka x 4 bottles 700ml

102 glasses of wine + 60 glasses or Prosecco
White Wine x 10 bottles
Red Wine x 7 bottles
Rose Wine x 7 bottles
Prosecco x 10 bottles

Juices, Carbonated drinks & other softs


LED mobile bar, glasses, bar equipment, 3 professional bartenders, insurance, cleaning kit, fully stocked bar with the drinks above, fruits and garnishes, delivery, set-up & collection. The Menu is based on 100 people.

This kind of menu is for office parties, birthdays, product launches or any other celebrations that would be not so expensive and easy menu to choose from. This menu also doesn't require a lot of staff and can be easily managed by 2 - 3 bartenders.

More menus are to be uploaded soon. Furthermore, please ask us to make a special menu for your event.


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